Let Them Fly- Unconditional Love

Always thought I knew what love was. Those standard universal actions we are programmed to believe. Old ways of being included mundane date night routines (dinner, movie, scheduled sex, etc…), presents on appropriate holidays and hell homemade dinners every night. Even “controlling” fit into my old definition of love . You must answer when I call or text and end every goodbye with “I love you”. If you didn’t then our level of love was questioned. Wow, what a messed up mindset! Grateful for the space to sit in silence, for the journals my daughters got me and for overcoming (slowly) the fear of being authentic. This blog post encourages unconditional love, vulnerability and being mindful of thoughts.

Biggest quarantine question I kept thinking was “why is love so painful”. Over the past few decades I’ve gone about it all wrong. For instance, always viewed relationships on a selfish basis and I own up to that now. Every aspect of my life involving love has been warped. Now I’m analyzing, learning and growing from it. Tonight I got what real love means.

Wish I would have learned this sooner.

While sipping on whiskey and listening to a friend this feeling of peace came over me. Starring at a man I was once obsessed over (embarrassing weekly rabbit hole visits) he talked about his dreams of distant travel. In prior situations I would have been devastated. Unable to focus with all attention set on myself. How dare he leave me to start a new life. The never-ending voice repeating negative loops that turned into self-doubt. Mostly “I’m not enough to be included in his plans”. As a result, with recent mind hacking skills I’ve been able to reframe my thoughts. Replace the negative with positive affirmations because this makes a drastic difference in mindset. “I have the strength and ability to make my life exactly the way I want it”. So….

Love is being happy that the person you love gets to live the life they want. It’s being able to support them on their adventure. Encourage them to take steps towards their dreams. Praying they find peace & happiness. Isn’t that really what we all want? Want to know the person behind this post take a look. https://beavertownusa.com/index.php/2019/12/29/boss-beaver-inspiration-blog/

Will you chose unique over routine?

In conclusion, this is exactly the type of love I’m looking for. Give me unconditional over “normal” any day. Keep the Valentines Roses and give words of encouragement instead. Above all, accept people for who they are and what they want. Some people go a lifetime never sharing their “wants”. I’m so proud of my friend for being brave by opening up. It’s time to get rid of the old ways of being. Dig deep and face fears. Ask the “5 Why’s”. If that doesn’t work you can always turn to “What’s the worse case scenario”. Seriously whats the WCS in all this? My best friend moves to a far away island. That I get to visit…..Bloody Marys, beaches & relaxation. Honestly, that sounds amazing! Most importantly, going forward I’m making a commitment to love unconditionally with no strings attached. If your interested in learning more about unconditional love take a look at this article https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4171/Unconditional-Love-How-to-Give-It-and-How-to-Know-When-Its-Real.html

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