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Boss Beaver inspiration blog is for those wanting to disrupt the norm. For those who don’t want to go at it alone. People who welcome thinking outside the box. We’ll be getting personal by sharing dreams, dark secrets, mindfulness techniques and heck even traumatic past relationships. Let’s create the possibility of living in the present.

Why Beavertown?

Urban Dictionary of Beaver pops in your mind instantly then you’re going to love this blog! In all honestly (the boring truth) blog name came from a friend (whom I still like) referred to me as Beaver because of my two front teeth. Not the beaver reference in the Urban definition lol. Although I am female and do have one of those as well!

Dive deep into Metacognition (Thinking about your thinking).

Ditch the 9:00-5:00 Assembly Line mentality. We start our own businesses.

Live life on our own terms. We learn to recognize others unrealistic expectations.

Feel anxious and confused together. We help each other fight the doubt.

New to Mindfulness learn to change your life here

Meet Boss Beaver

Welcome to my blog! I’m Jennifer. Former Accountant who got bored of Financial Reports, fired as Queen of the Pivot Tables and no longer stares endlessly at the clock to hit 5:00pm. Avid book reader and meditation

As a result been wandering aimlessly trying to find my next adventure. Played around with some arts & crafts. Roped my mom into Bulk Trash hunting. We did find some treasures. Then I sold my massive Ford Expedition (that’s a story I will share in a post). That is to say Bulk shenanigans ended.

Inspiration Blog

So here I am writing a short-bio giving you a glimpse at my personality. Most importantly using this blog as an outlet to share stories and inspiration. Possibly provoke some thoughts from readers. Most definitely will offend someone by my sexual references. Thanks for reading. New Boss Beaver Inspiration Blog posts delivered weekly….unless I declare breakdowns. Then you’ll hear from me more often!

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