Aftermath of the Holidays- The Unwanted Trees

How do companies dispose of unwanted trees? While driving to visit friends and family on Christmas Day I looked over at an abandoned Christmas Tree Tent. Massive piles of beautiful tall trees stacked on the ground awaiting their final fate. The unlucky ones not even picked last on the team. Icons of the holiday turned into mulch, thrown into water (aka manmade canal fish reefs) or possibly snuck off in the middle night for teenagers bonfires. Ever watch a Christmas tree go up in flames? Don’t blink haha.

Just to think some families go all Holiday season without a tree because they can’t afford it. I myself hustled for a tree this year due to higher than normal tree prices in sunny South Florida. Now that I type this out makes me wonder why do Floridians buy Christmas trees and not just decorate Palm trees. What can I say I’m a sucker for traditions. For that reason I marched in boss bitch ready with cash in hand. “I got $60. Give me your biggest ugliest tree”. Walked out with this beautiful 9′ for only $60 (Pay no attention to her complete backside missing). She’s the prettiest Charlie Brown tree I’ve ever owned. Possibly even my favorite of all time just because of the execution in buying her. If you need hustling pointers let me know.

As a result of witnessing these discarded trees, during Holiday season 2020 we could start a #savethetrees Champaign. Local trucks drive to Christmas Tree Tents on Christmas Eve. Rescue all those beauties and give them to families in need. Here you go kids….presents and a fresh tree from Santa! I for one seriously thought about stopping and getting another one as driving past not one but THREE abandoned piles. Twinkle the Elfs last stunt before returning to the North Pole.

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