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Let Them Fly- Unconditional Love

Let Them Fly- Unconditional Love

Meditation & Practicing Mindfulness while sitting by the beach.

Relationship Reflection During Meditation- Lying in Isolation

Relationship Reflection During Meditation- Lying in Isolation

Anyone out there ready to raid the beach?? Envision all out glamping for a week! Bikinis, Books & Bourbon. Meditation under a Mango Tree wonderful but doesn’t come close to a beach meditation. Maybe it’s the voice inside my head that keeps repeating “watch out…

New mindset- Merging The Landmark Forum with Mindhacking

New mindset- Merging The Landmark Forum with Mindhacking

Tonight I attended a weekly Landmark Forum seminar. Logged on late (integrity was slacking) and was tempted to watch Netflix instead. During this phase of change personal development prevails over entertainment. Certainly pleased mindfulness activity was picked over numbing background noise. It’s been several days since last blog post. My short MIA wasn’t due to writer’s block. In fact, I carry a notebook everywhere. Read whenever something causes an emotion to write that event down. Ask yourself what’s the story behind that reaction? Upset over a comment someone made? Doing everything alone and get upset no one helps? Answer that, then discover multiple underlining root beliefs. Those are the ultimate factors determining emotions.

Being as I’m going through this built-up pain, self-focused mental withdrawal and questioning basically everything in life. Content is not a problem! So what kept me away for days? Could easily attribute my absence on a new dog we rescued (see the cutie below). Nope. Not taking the easy way out on this one. I knew this post was destined to come next. No other topic was skipping the line. This one has been eating away at me for years! It deserved my full attention and some kind of resolution.

Meet Shadow. Rescued Downtown Dorsey-Riverbend. Free spirit who loves to wander. Biggest snuggle bug & ultimate dutch oven queen!

Background Information

This past year I picked the Sloth as my spirit animal (subconscious decision…yep). Basically that’s the pace of my world lately. Lack luster motivation, fear of rejection and even fear of success. Life crumbled before my eyes in a short spam of time. In January of 2020 I participated in a 3 day Landmark Forum Seminar. Transformation learning at it’s finest. Thanks again Rob for sponsoring me. You’ve forever changed my life! https://landmarkforum.com It was an excellent starting place for recognizing my thoughts. Ever since then I’ve explored more about Metacognition. Can honestly say I’m still struggling with a blockage. Even people around me recognize this barrier. What’s holding me back from becoming someone great. I created a manifestation document in January and have done 1 item (this blog)! I know what I want out of life but freeze. How do you make that first step? Only thing I know to do is ask the right questions.

Manifestation List

Mindhacking The 5 Why’s

First thing I realized is I lack motivation. Why is this? You’ll notice I’m a strong supporter of the “5 Why’s” (Mindhacking technique http://beavertownusa.com/index.php/2020/05/24/lying-in-isolation/ also used here).

Why am I not motivated? Because I feel overwhelmed

Why? Because I’m afraid to make decisions

Why? Because I’ve made many bad decisions in the past

Why? Because I self-sabotage any chance I have at happiness

Why? Because I’m not worthy of success *There’s my negative core belief

The Landmark Forum

Now that I have this core belief a positive loop can replace it. Time to introduce Landmark terminology:

The Limiting Conversations in my way are “I’m not worthy” and “I’m not successful”.

I am not that.

Right now, from nothing, who I am is determined, in-charge and worthy.

Actions to take next include: Launch website, Order Business Cards, Sell Handmade Facemasks, take courses on SEO and read.

Mindfulness Solution

It’s a step in the right direction. Does seem something deeper is missing. All ears if you have anything to offer! I’m tired of being unmotivated. I want to be successful. I have a lovely set of meditation beads on a necklace. Time to put this new positive loop to good use. Sending out these intentions to the Universe. As well as, make a commitment to creating a career based on my creative skills. With this new mindset I can finally start crossing off to-do items from app. A task as simple as creating a new email address sitting on list since May 15th. Seriously what’s the reason behind that? Facepalm enjoy needed for sure! As a way to hold myself accountable I will start posting completion messages in Discord chat ” one small step” board. Shout out to all the wonderful self care 101 members!!! Always someone around for when we need advice or a friend. Oh and meet my new spirit animal…

Year of the Wolf feels stronger than Sloth!
Cuddle Time- No Vacancy

Cuddle Time- No Vacancy

This post is for all the extreme people pleasers who have rock bottom self-esteem. The ones who are deeply saddened to go to bed alone. Just recently was introduced to the concept of Co-dependency. Which is shocking because I’ve been doing it for the past…

Breaking The Wall Down

Breaking The Wall Down

Lost, scared and confused during quarantine. “Who are you” has been a question I’m unable to answer these days. Superficial descriptions like “I’m a woman” and “I’m a brunette” are not what I’m referring to. Heck even “I make masks during Covid-19 to donate” don’t…

Boss Beaver Inspiration Blog- Embrace the Crazy

Boss Beaver Inspiration Blog- Embrace the Crazy

Boss Beaver inspiration blog is for those wanting to disrupt the norm. For those who don’t want to go at it alone. People who welcome thinking outside the box. We’ll be getting personal by sharing dreams, dark secrets, mindfulness techniques and heck even traumatic past relationships. Let’s create the possibility of living in the present.

Why Beavertown?

Urban Dictionary of Beaver pops in your mind instantly then you’re going to love this blog! In all honestly (the boring truth) blog name came from a friend (whom I still like) referred to me as Beaver because of my two front teeth. Not the beaver reference in the Urban definition lol. Although I am female and do have one of those as well!

Dive deep into Metacognition (Thinking about your thinking).

Ditch the 9:00-5:00 Assembly Line mentality. We start our own businesses.

Live life on our own terms. We learn to recognize others unrealistic expectations.

Feel anxious and confused together. We help each other fight the doubt.

New to Mindfulness learn to change your life here https://ideapod.com/11-little-known-laws-mindfulness-will-change-way-live-life-3/

Meet Boss Beaver

Welcome to my blog! I’m Jennifer. Former Accountant who got bored of Financial Reports, fired as Queen of the Pivot Tables and no longer stares endlessly at the clock to hit 5:00pm. Avid book reader and meditation

As a result been wandering aimlessly trying to find my next adventure. Played around with some arts & crafts. Roped my mom into Bulk Trash hunting. We did find some treasures. Then I sold my massive Ford Expedition (that’s a story I will share in a post). That is to say Bulk shenanigans ended.

Inspiration Blog

So here I am writing a short-bio giving you a glimpse at my personality. Most importantly using this blog as an outlet to share stories and inspiration. Possibly provoke some thoughts from readers. Most definitely will offend someone by my sexual references. Thanks for reading. New Boss Beaver Inspiration Blog posts delivered weekly….unless I declare breakdowns. Then you’ll hear from me more often!

Aftermath of the Holidays- The Unwanted Trees

Aftermath of the Holidays- The Unwanted Trees

How do companies dispose of unwanted trees? While driving to visit friends and family on Christmas Day I looked over at an abandoned Christmas Tree Tent. Massive piles of beautiful tall trees stacked on the ground awaiting their final fate. The unlucky ones not even…